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A Journey into

the World of Ethiopian Cuisine

Adorned with traditional handicrafts and artifacts, Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market invites you on a journey through the rich history and flavors of Ethiopia. From the moment you step into our space, you’re greeted by an enchanting display of Ethiopian handicrafts – think drums that beat the rhythm of history, masks that whisper tales of old, and jewelry that sparkles with stories. On the opposite end, a curated selection of biscotti (rectangular biscuits with nuts originally from Italy), spices, incense, lentils, and an array of tea and coffee varieties await your exploration. 'Buna,' meaning coffee in Ethiopian, perfectly captures the essence of our establishment. Learn more about Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market here.

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A Cultural and Culinary Oasis

Venture a little further, and our restaurant unfolds before you like a vibrant tapestry. Adorned with colorful artwork, much of it sourced from local talent, and alive with the sounds of Ethiopian music or the excitement of soccer matches, the ambiance is nothing short of captivating. What truly sets the atmosphere alight, however, is the aroma of our home-cooked dishes – a rich tapestry of flavors seasoned with turmeric, cumin, coriander, and the irresistible scent of freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee at its Best

Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market, managed by owners Eyob and Helena with oversight from Helena’s mother, Manteghosh, is renowned for its artisanal cooking and freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee, steeped in the rich traditions of African culture. Experience the essence of Ethiopian hospitality at Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market, where every dish and decoration are a celebration of our heritage.

The Beginning of a Dream

Eyob and Helena's culinary journey began at a family-owned restaurant managed by Eyob's uncle, where their shared passion for food and hospitality flourished. Combining Eyob's extensive restaurant management experience with Helena's culinary skills, the duo envisioned their own establishment, leading to the inception of Buna Ethiopian Restaurant & Market in 2011.

A Taste of Tradition

At Buna, guests are encouraged to explore cultural gifts before indulging in authentic Ethiopian cuisine, prepared openly in the back kitchen. Renowned for its award-winning cooking and warm hospitality, the restaurant has become a beloved gathering place.

Indulge in Ethiopian Delicacies

Dive into our menu featuring oven-baked or broiled fish paired with a vegetarian platter, offering vegan options like lentils, collard greens, shiro (chickpea flour), and tomato salad. Complemented by fermented injera (a type of bread), this visually appealing, and aromatic feast promises a distinctive dining experience. Visit our menu page and explore our tantalizing menu offerings.

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Savor the Finale

Finish your meal with Helena's specialty - coffee-infused tiramisu, lauded by author D.J. Mesfin as the perfect conclusion to a memorable dining experience, as he rightly pens, "Ethiopian food, like the Ethiopians themselves, is spicy, subtle, piquant, and unforgettable.”

What Sets Us Apart




Top Rated


Happy Customers


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"Best food ever, I had the fish which was cooked perfectly. The tiramisu was the best I've ever had as well. The service is so genuine and sincere feels like home! Def my fav place in LA.
Robert L."

"Some good Ethiopian food. I will be back for more. Beautiful art for sale on the wall.
Jah R."

"My friend and I came in here a couple of days ago to get some coffee, a dwatch and NBA playoff game. We ended up ordering food because the menu looked so good. Everything was delicious and reminded me of being home in Eritrea. The staff was also so helpful. and welcoming. We ended up making a friend before we left. I can't wait to come back again.
Yordanos H."

"This is my absolute favorite Ethiopian restaurant. The owner is amazing. They are always pleasant and professional. The food is amazing! I can eat off of one plate for 2–3 days, can't go wrong with the baked fish and I love the yellow peas when I'm just eating light. I recommend Buna over all the other neighbors. Thank you, Buna, for putting all the love in your food.
Sophie Y."